Chaos Insurgency

In no way "official" or "canon" to the SCP Foundation Wiki as a whole, this page is considered canon by HornbyHornby in relation to his works, including Conspiracy.

Hornby has performed advanced and independent studies into insurgency/counterinsurgency while at university, and is attempting to expand on that aspect of this Group of Interest.


Sensitive Compartmented Information: SLATE THUNDER

This document contains information affecting the security of the Foundation within the meaning of the Foundation General Security Protocol 02, Section 183. The protocol prohibits its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the Foundation or for the benefit of any unauthorized entity or the detriment of the Foundation. It is to be seen only by personnel possessing Level Five clearance and/or especially indoctrinated and authorized in writing to receive information in the designated control channels. Its security must be maintained in accordance with regulations pertaining to SLATE THUNDER Controls.

Unauthorized viewing, possession, replication, and/or dissemination of this document is grounds for punitive actions detailed in Foundation General Security Protocol 18, Section 2381.

Chaos Insurgency History

  • 1924, The Schism of 1924: After a failed (though bloodless) coup attempt in the Foundation, a large group of influential members of who had supported the opposition split off from the Foundation, stealing most of the Foundation's "useful" SCP objects and large quantities of the Foundation's liquid assets and physical resources. The O5 Council orders the recovery of all stolen SCP objects and Foundation assets and resources; Foundation and separatist forces enter effective state of open civil war.
  • 1924-26, Foundation Civil War: Major active hostilities between loyalist Foundation forces and separatist forces. Separatist forces adopt guerrilla insurgency strategy. O5 Council codenames the separatists "the Chaos Insurgency"; name is adopted by separatist forces. December 1925 is the high-water mark for the Insurgency; after this point no complete Foundation units or secure facilities are ever again successful at defecting to the Insurgency. Major hostilities die down in late 1926, after loyalist Foundation forces recapture Sector-12 outside Perth, Scotland and summarily execute all 57 captured Insurgency leaders. Chaos Insurgency is forced underground; Foundation claims victory and (incorrectly) believes Chaos Insurgency is defeated.
  • 1933: Foundation Intelligence confirms continued existence of Chaos Insurgency. O5 Council circulates General Order 004189, which officially re-classifies the Chaos Insurgency as an "actively hostile" group-of-interest to the Foundation.
  • 1934: Foundation liaison with the Office of the American Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Henry Latrobe Roosevelt) terminated due to suspicions H.L. Roosevelt was passing information to the Chaos Insurgency. These allegations were never proven. Foundation relations with US military and government do not fully recover to former levels until 1948.
  • 1938-45, Second World War: While neither the Chaos Insurgency nor the Foundation take sides with either the Axis Powers or Allied Powers, the Insurgency takes advantage of general upheaval to consolidate power in several Third World countries and colonies, as well as to stage attacks against the Foundation either directly or by using both Allied and Axis forces as proxies. Insurgency attempts to seize Site-41 in Leningrad during the Siege fail.

Chaos Insurgency: Important Figures (Allies & Enemies)

Important Members of the Insurgency

  • Cornelia Dark, née Roosevelt, O5-7 (1905-1988) - Founding member of Chaos Insurgency; remained sleeper mole on O5 Council until death in 1988. Also member of MC&D. The widow of Jonathan Franklin Dark. Killed in 1988.
  • Count Vladimir Borisovich Frederiks, O5-11 (1880-1924), Russian Imperial Household Minister (1897-1917) - Founding member of the Chaos Insurgency; resigned from O5 Council in 1924 at the outset of hostilities in the Foundation Civil War to assume a role in the First Triad of the Insurgency, dealing mainly with political matters. Frequently forgetful and ill later in life, Frederiks was responsible for the disastrous Insurgency defeat outside Murmansk in 1925. He was subsequently forced to retire by the Insurgency and spent the rest of his life in hiding in Finland, dying in 1927.
  • General Nigel Weston, O5-9 (1920-1924), Foundation Liaison to His Majesty King George V (1910-1914, 1919-1920), British Army General (1914-1919) - Founding member of the Chaos Insurgency; resigned from O5 Council in 1924 at the outset of hostilities in the Foundation Civil War to assume a role in the First Triad of the Insurgency, becoming the Insurgency's top military commander. Executed by the Foundation in 1926 after Battle of Sector-12.
  • Doctor Wolfgang Fritz, Foundation Researcher (1919-24), Site-37 Director (1923-24) - Founding member of Chaos Insurgency. Led the mass defection of Site-37 in 1924; assumed a role in the First Triad of the Insurgency. Assassinated by Foundation agents in March 1926.
  • Major Damien O'Connor, Foundation Mobile Task Force Commander (1921-24) - Founding member of the Chaos Insurgency. Former member of IRA, recruited into Foundation after conclusion of the Irish War of Independence. Became one of the leaders of the Insurgency after the dissolution of the First Triad. Whereabouts and fate unknown.