Hornby - Scratchpad

This is a scratchpad page.


  1. A crisis on the order of the Cuban Missile Crisis, only between the Foundation and a GoI (probably either the GOC or the Chaos Insurgency).
    • How to write with the gravitas and stakes of the missile crisis without being melodramatic?
    • What is the setup?
  2. The defection and instigation of general insurgency warfare by a major Foundation site to the Chaos Insurgency in the (fictional) former Soviet Republic of Подлогистан.
    • Insurgency is a struggle between the insurgents and the government for the active and passive support of the population. Insurgents try to goad the government into overreacting, thus driving the population into the hands of the insurgents. If the Foundation is the "government" against whom the Chaos Insurgency is acting, who is the population and how are they influenced, given the clandestine existence of the Foundation?
  3. A tale following a spy and assassin who works for the Foundation, but like in Conspiracy is mostly removed from the paranormal stuff.
    • Master & apprentice setup?
    • Nice character. What's the plot?