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Spectogram of recorded audio of SCP-B shriek.

Recorded audio of SCP-B shriek.
(Anomalous effects do not register in recordings.)
Last image transmitted by MTF ██████-██ while pursuing SCP-B.
Team listed as MIA.

Item #: SCP-B

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Most instances of SCP-B are not yet contained. MTF Epsilon-3 ("Siren Slayers") and TF Alpha-440 ("What The Hell Was That Sound?") are assigned to locate and contain or neutralize wild instances of SCP-B. Any Foundation personnel expecting to engage in combat operations against instances of SCP-B are to be equipped with ferrous ammunition.

Instances of SCP-B within Foundation custody are to be contained within iron-coated cells measuring at least four meters by four meters by three meters. All containment cells for SCP-B are to be acoustically insulated, and all security personnel are to wear ear protection. While audio in the containment cell is to be continuously recorded for archival and research purposes, monitoring security staff are expressly prohibited from listening to the live audio feed.

Instances of SCP-B are known to display incredible pride; accordingly, Foundation personnel are advised to treat contained instances with due respect. Several D-class assigned to feed SCP-B were attacked after insulting SCP-B. Note: This does not authorize leniency or additional accommodation for SCP-B instances in containment.

Knowledge of (and ability to properly pronounce) the "true names" of instances of SCP-B has been demonstrated to offer protection against SCP-B. At present, only the SCP-B instance known as "Mór Rìoghann" is within containment (Foundation designation SCP-B-001). Upon subsequent containment of additional instances of SCP-B, all efforts must be made to ascertain those instances' "true names".

Description: SCP-B is a group of metamorphic entities known to be actively hostile to humans, mostly observed at dusk or after dark in areas of forest-covered hills in Ireland, Wales, western Scotland, and the northeastern United States. SCP-B instances are more frequently heard than seen. When seen, instances are usually observed from the distance; persons who observe instances at close range rarely survive the encounter and thus are unable to provide precise descriptions. Most accounts refer to instances of SCP-B as shadowy figures of beautiful women wearing dresses that fade into the background: white or gray dresses if there is fog in the area, black dresses otherwise. Instances of SCP-B have also been observed to take forms described by survivors as "ugly and frightening hags". SCP-B-001's preferred form is an athletic woman apparently in her mid-thirties, with black hair and blue eyes, though she has also appeared as an eel, a wolf, and a crow.

SCP-B are capable of producing loud shrieks. These shrieks anomalously produce fear responses in those who hear them. Additionally, humans exposed to the shrieks inexplicably experience what appears to be rapid aging: hair thins and turns gray, facial wrinkles appear and/or deepen, physical strength diminishes. On average, persons appear to age 4-6 years per shriek. Approximately one in twenty-five humans exposed to an SCP-B shriek will spontaneously die of an apparent heart attack, regardless of prior health or physical condition. Recordings of the shrieks do not retain any of these effects. Auditory spectral analysis indicates the presence of infrasound, but gives no indication for the cause of these anomalies. When not displaying aggressive or defensive behavior, SCP-B are known to be fluent in Gaelic.

SCP-B are capable of flight (either while in avian or in humanoid form). They appear territorial and perhaps predatory; though SCP-B-001 is sustained by a diet comparable to that of a human, individuals or small groups of travelers journeying alone at night in areas known to be inhabited by SCP-B will often either be found dead (either from heart failure or from major injuries consistent with being mauled by a large creature) or vanish entirely. Historically, several Irish, Welsh, and Scottish families and/or small villages were destroyed completely by what Foundation researchers believe to have been SCP-B; the most recent of these massacres occurred in the 19th century. Efforts to document the habitat of SCP-B are ongoing, as are containment and neutralization operations.

SCP-B appears vulnerable only to knowledge of their "true names" or to iron (weaponry or otherwise). Research into weaknesses is ongoing.