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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-SIXAM-J's immobile nature, it is to be contained on-site. The property deeds for SCP-SIXAM-J have been purchased by a Foundation front, as have the various surrounding properties.

The property occupied by SCP-SIXAM-J is designated the Red (No Entry) Zone. A wrought iron fence original to the property demarcates the edge of the Red Zone on three sides; a cliff overlooking the ocean borders the remaining side of the Red Zone. Any individual, civilian or otherwise, who enters the Red Zone is to be considered an instance of SCP-SIXAM-J-A. Any instance of SCP-SIXAM-J who successfully leaves the Red Zone is to be permanently detained in standard Foundation secure humanoid containment facilities, regardless of whether or not they appear to demonstrate lasting effects from SCP-SIXAM-J. While security cameras have been repeatedly placed within the Red Zone, after their inexplicable and total disappearance on three separate occasions, and following the loss of several D-class assigned to reinstall the cameras, no further attempts at placing cameras are planned at this time.

All properties surrounding that occupied by SCP-SIXAM-J within a one kilometer radius have been purchased by Foundation fronts and designated the Yellow (Observation) Zone. Task Force Nu-3 ("House Sitters") are permanently stationed in these residences. No civilians are permitted within the Yellow Zone; any unauthorized persons within the Yellow Zone are to be detained.

All Foundation personnel assigned to research and/or contain SCP-SIXAM-J are to observe and report any unusual behaviors in themselves and/or their colleagues. All personnel are to be audited by outside staff for unusual behavior no less than four times per year. Discussion of llamas by any individual assigned to research and/or contain SCP-SIXAM-J is considered an unusual behavior.

Description: SCP-SIXAM-J is a house and surrounding yard in the New England state of [REDACTED]. SCP-SIXAM-J sits on ten acres of land adjacent to the Atlantic coast. The property includes a large main house, a smaller servants' quarters building, an extensive garden, and a cemetery. The remainder of the property is covered by forest.

Main House:
The main house has thirty known rooms, split between three stories. There are two known basements: one includes a wine cellar, firewood storage, and a passage between the kitchens and the servants' quarters building; the other remains locked despite several entry attempts. Also of note is a curious "double-attic," with a second attic stacked above the first.

There is an interior pool surrounded immediately by two-story interior walls dressed to look like the exteriors of various Renaissance-era buildings. The pool is accessible only through a concealed door in one wall, a ladder running up the side of one wall, and by diving from boards positioned on the second story overlooking the pool. The ladder is known to disappear, and the concealed door is known to shut and lock, both without warning (especially when there is a lone swimmer in the pool). Though the pool itself is believed to be a uniform depth of five meters, as observed from the second story it appears that the end opposite the viewer is as shallow as two meters.

A variety of secret passages are known to exist within the house; definitive attempts to map these have, to date, failed. The interior layout and furnishings of the house is known to change apparently instantly without warning. The mechanism by which these changes occurs is unknown at present; it is known that no change will occur within one-half (0.5) meter of a human.

Servants' Quarters Building:
The servants' quarters building is a one-story structure with three rooms and access to the basement connecting to the main house. Though changes to the interior layout and furnishings of the servants' quarters building are known to occur, the frequency of these changes appears lower than those in the main house.

The garden, located on the seaward side of the main house, is arranged as a maze. Aerial photographs indicate the arrangement of the maze to change inexplicably, though no aircraft- or satellite-mounted cameras have observed changes to occur between two consecutively-shot photographs. It is conjectured that the mechanism altering the maze is related or identical to that altering the house's interior. Maintenance of the garden is sometimes handled by instances of SCP-SIXAM-J, and sometimes appears to occur spontaneously.

The cemetery, located in the forest to the north of the main house, is occupied by previous residents of SCP-SIXAM-J, their servants, and other instances of SCP-SIXAM-J-1, including several D-class and two Foundation agents. The graves of these individuals seem to spontaneously appear following the individual's death. Semi-transparent visual and auditory manifestations of the cemetery's occupants will frequently appear between the hours of 0000 hours and 0400 hours local time. These manifestations appear aware of their surroundings and will often exhibit behaviors apparently related to their cause of death. For further information, see Addendum 1.

Additional Anomalies:
Beyond the inexplicable changes in the layout and furnishings of the house and grounds, humans physically located within the property boundaries often exhibit unusual behavior. For this reason, any humans within the Red Zone are designated SCP-SIXAM-J-1. Though initially believed to simply affect the residents of the property, after Agents N█████ and P███████ demonstrated similar behavior while investigating the property.

This behavior defies both rationality and human survival instinct. To date, known anomalous behavior includes the following:

  • Standing idle for extended periods of time in random locations.
  • Utilizing bathrooms on the far side of the house after passing by one or more bathrooms, for no clear reason.
  • Sleeping at odd hours in various bedrooms, without regard to room 'ownership' or preference of left/right side of the bed.
  • Failure to turn off electronics and appliances when finished. (Has resulted in at least one fire.)
  • Tendency to stand and scream when faced with physical danger (such as a fire), rather than take appropriate action.
  • Failure to follow instructions from offsite Foundation personnel transmitted over radios.
  • Inappropriate social interactions.
  • Acceptance or nonacceptance of social interactions in contrast to a "normal" reaction (i.e., failure to accept a normally appropriate social interaction, or acceptance of a normally inappropriate social interaction).
  • Spontaneous pillow fights using pillows that inexplicably appear and disappear at the beginning and end of the fight.
  • A tendency to be "over the top" in one's behaviors.
  • Non sequitur conversations, often with references to llamas.

Instances of SCP-SIXAM-J-1 are also observed to vanish at the entrance gate when they attempt to leave. They will then reappear some time later. Adult instances often vanish for four-eight hours, following what appears to be a work schedule. Minor instances will vanish during school hours. All D-class and Foundation personnel who have entered the Red Zone have subsequently vanished when they reached the gate, sometimes reappearing, sometimes not. The precise whereabouts of any instance of SCP-SIXAM-J-1 who has vanished are unknown.

Should all current residents of SCP-SIXAM-J die, after a period of no more than one week a new family of occupants will appear and begin inhabiting the house and grounds. All attempts to evacuate individuals from within the grounds have failed.

History: Originally owned by Admiral M██████ L████████ I (retired) in the early nineteenth century, SCP-SIXAM-J remained in the possession of the L████████ family until 1992. Then, following the untimely death of M██████ L████████ IX in a mysterious pool ladder accident, the Foundation acquired the property and began investigations. Initially, the apparently anomalous circumstances of L████████'s death were the only aspect of interest to the Foundation. Soon, Agents N█████ and P███████ discovered the spontaneous and unexplained alterations to the interior. During the course of their investigations, they displayed unusual behavior (as described above), leading to the current containment protocols.

Addendum 1: Occupants of Cemetery

Individual Dates Cause of Death Postmortem Manifestation Behavior Notes
Admiral M██████ L████████ I 17██ - 18██ Unknown Silent semitransparent manifestation which appears behind living humans; appears capable of limited telekinesis.
K████ L████████ 17██ - 18██ Unknown None
M██████ L████████ II 17██ - 18██ Unknown None
C████████ L████████ 18██ - 18██ Unknown None
G█████ L████████ 18██ - 18██ Unknown None
M██████ L████████ III 18██ - 18██ Unknown None
N███ L████████ 18██ - 18██ Unknown None
M██████ L████████ IV 18██ - 18██ Unknown None
F█████ L████████ 18██ - 18██ Unknown None
M██████ L████████ V 18██ - 19██ Old age None
G████ L████████ 18██ - 19██ Old age None
M██████ L████████ VI 18██ - 19██ Old age Semitransparent manifestation that appears in an upstairs room, chained to a desk, counting incorporeal coins.
H██████ L████████ 18██ - 19██ Disease None
L███ L████████ 18██ - 19██ Disease None
M██████ L████████ VII 19██ - 19██ Electrocution No visible manifestation; voice of deceased audible, damage caused to electric devices in close proximity to location of voice.
M██████ L████████ VII 19██ - 19██ Disease None
R████ L████████ 19██ - 19██ Starvation No visible manifestation; believed to remove and consume food from the main house's stores.
M██████ L████████ VIII 19██ - 19██ Unknown Semitransparent manifestation displaying significant fear of insects, especially flies.
B█████ L████████ 19██ - 19██ Fire None
M██████ L████████ IX 1972 - 1992 Drowning No visible manifestation, leaves wet footprints.
Foundation Agent N█████ 1964 - 1992 Fire Semitransparent manifestation that smells of smoke and leaves soot on whatever it touches.
Foundation Agent P███████ 1957 - 1992 Asphyxiation None
D-SIXAM-01 1969 - 1993 Entered sealed basement by means unknown; never returned. None
D-SIXAM-02 1971 - 1993 Electrocution None
D-SIXAM-03 1965 - 1994 Drowning No visible manifestation, leaves wet footprints.

Addendum 2: Memorandum from Agent-in-Charge, Task Force Nu-3 to O5 Council, ██/██/2010

There is reason to believe the boundaries of SCP-SIXAM-J's effects are growing. Just last week Agent G███ started going on and on about llamas, and he wasn't stationed anywhere near the Red Zone. (He's now under observation at Site-19.) We have no idea how this thing works. The only way I can figure out where the edge of the danger zone is (for certain) is to throw D-class at it. And it's expanding. Could you imagine if it reached the nearby town of [REDACTED]? I recommend a major review of the containment protocols by offsite Foundation personnel.