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Image of SCP-XXXX, circa 1965, taken by ██████ at unidentified Chaos Insurgency facility.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is not currently contained by the Foundation. Intelligence suggests it is currently controlled and employed by the Chaos Insurgency. Retrieval of SCP-XXXX is a top priority of all Foundation personnel; if SCP-XXXX is located and retrieval is unfeasible, destruction of SCP-XXXX is authorized. At present, no more than one instance of SCP-XXXX is known to exist; once that instance of SCP-XXXX has been secured under Foundation control, any further instances encountered by Foundation forces are to be destroyed.

Upon retrieval, SCP-XXXX is to be transported to the Secure Annex of Site-11 for use by the Foundation Intelligence Cryptanalysis Division. The containment facility must be a standard secure room of appropriate dimensions,1 secured by a standard security detail of no fewer than two guards. Two-Person Integrity (TPI) is to be observed; Level 3 clearance is to be required for access.

Until SCP-XXXX is retrieved and/or neutralized, all Foundation communications classified Level 4 or higher, as well as all Foundation communications relating to SCP-XXXX and/or the Chaos Insurgency, must be encrypted using one of the following Foundation Cryptographic Security Protocols: KERCKHOFFS, SHANNON, BLETCHLEY. Additional protocols may be approved by the F-DDI(COMINTDIV). All keys must be changed no less frequently than once per week.

Description: Little is known about the specifics of SCP-XXXX; all information was provided by ██████, an agent within the Chaos Insurgency sympathetic to the Foundation, prior to ██████'s defection to the Foundation in ██/██/████.2

SCP-XXXX is a supercomputer devoted to cryptanalysis. Though the exact specifications of SCP-XXXX are unknown, it is believed to be capable of operating with computing power between 50 and 100 teraFLOPS.3 (Such computing power is estimated to be unattainable until the early 21st century, and will likely remain prohibitively expensive for most organizations until well after its first introduction.)

SCP-XXXX has been repeatedly observed to be capable of rapidly decrypting 512-bit encryption; Foundation, American, Soviet, Chinese, British, Iranian, and commercially available encryption protocols have all been successfully defeated. There are as-yet unconfirmed reports that SCP-XXXX is capable of brute-force decryption of information-theoretic secure algorithms such as one-time pads, despite current understanding of information theory which states such communication methods to be secure regardless of the enemy's available computing power.

Addendum: Debate Over Object Class

We don't know that this thing is even anomalous. Our source in the Insurgency isn't a mathematician, and he's simply having reported observing the brute-force decryption of communiques believed to be enciphered by one-time pads. We have no independent confirmation. Computation power on the order of 50-100 teraFLOPS could be achieved with conventional computing techniques within thirty years of our current capabilities. Are we even sure this thing can break one-time pads? Revocation of SCP status. - Dr. ████, Foundation Acquisitions Division, ██/██/198█.

If these reports are correct, and SCP-XXXX is capable of deciphering information-theoretic secure algorithms, such capabilities constitute a Euclid class anomaly. Beyond that, the possibility that the Chaos Insurgency is capable of decrypting Foundation communications by any means, anomalous or otherwise, presents a sufficient security threat to warrant the gravest of concern. - ██████, Foundation Deputy Director of Intelligence (Communications Intelligence Division), ██/██/198█.

SCP status and Euclid classification will be maintained for the time being. If these reports are not correct, and SCP-XXXX simply employs not-yet-understood information theory, SCP-XXXX will be downgraded to -EX status. - O5-7, ██/██/198█.